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Hi. I'm Kalle Räisänen and other than seeing my name underlined, I also like film. Fittingly enough, this site—called Thebes because that was the next name on my Big List of Egyptian Place Names to Use as Domain Names—collects my film (and other media) reviews.

The kind of stuff you’ll mostly see me review is Euro-sleaze with delusions of artistry—e.g. Jess Franco, Jean Rollin—and, really, whatever else I happen to want to write about. Strangely, for a site that was supposed to be dedicated to exploitation film, I also review quite a lot of video games and TV shows.

There’s no set word-length for reviews, but I aim for between 500 and 750 words. Sometimes I have more than that to say about a film, sometimes less.

Written by Kalle on Tuesday March 11, 2014
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